Corona Virus(Covid-19) -Update

Dear all,

The first thing to remember is that if you are following the Natural Thyroid protocol you are managing your immune system to an extent that the others around you are not.

Your are adding iodine into your system which is an antiviral and antibiotic. Your are also using selenium which is a key immunity factor.

If you are using kefir or probiotics your gut immunity will be elevated.

A key note is that the ketogenic diet stabilises blood sugar levels. You will hear and read that diabetics are at risk, this in part is due to the immuno-supressive nature of their fluctuating blood sugar levels.

In general increase your vitamin C, try to get up to around 3-5g a day. Please watch the Sarah Myhill video that has already been posted. Use the iodine salt pipe process. If you cannot buy a pipe- build one its easy. Look at the pipe building notes under Dr Myhill’s video.

Why a iodine salt pipe? Inhalation therapy has been used for over 2000 years, but it was from the early 19th century that different types of inhalers were developed. In 1865, Dr Nelson invented the improved Nelson inhaler. It is still manufactured today with very few modifications. The efficiency of the improved Nelson’s inhaler is demonstrated by the use of the item from 1865 up until now. Steam inhalations are used to relieve spasmodic breathing, to disinfect bronchial secretions and to facilitate expectoration of mucus. This type of inhaler may be used at home, without the need for complicated and expensive equipment.

The salt pipe and Lugols Iodine if a further extension of this old therapy. You may recall that those with asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchial congestion often went to hospitals that were built into old salt mines to benefit form the iodine saturated air.

Carbolic soap, carbolic soap is a very effective killer of all things bacterial and viral. Wash you hands with old school carbolic every time you come home, carry a bar in a soap box.

Will I get it, wont I get it?

Work from the basis that you will catch it and as a result gain immunity. Its not the fact that you get it, its more the understanding that the things you do to help your immunity will lessen its impact.

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Stay safe and well.

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