About Me

About Me

I am my 60’s and have been practicing natural medicine for the last 35 years in London and Jersey, specialising in endocrine issues and fertility. Endocrine issues can cover a multitude of problems and symptoms from PMT, peri-menopause on to such things as hypoglycemia and thyroid disorders. My clinical practice is based in New Cavendish Street, London, W1.

The Jersey, Channel Isles, clinic was the first naturopathic establishment to be set up on the island. The clinic covers both naturopathy, nutrition and clinical nutrition.

I studied at the Howell College, Shen Doa Institute and Classical Chinese Medicine as part of my martial arts training. I developed an interest in using the tools of nutrition, clinical nutrition and naturopathy as an integrated therapeutic approach. I have been voted three years running in “Tatler” magazine as one of England’s leading practitioners of natural medicine. I am also a lecturer, teacher and author. If you would like me to come and lecture on natural medicine, clinical nutrition or give a kinetic walking class, then please contact me via the telephone number given at the bottom of this page. Details of my book and articles I have published appear under the section below.

I am a co-founder of the London College of Naturopathic medicine, which was acknowledged as offering one of the best Naturopathic training tuitions in Europe. LCNM is now in ‘hibernation’ as it awaits the resolution of the UK regulation of naturopathic education and standards. I have a keen interest in natural product design and have designed products for several of the leading nutrition companies within the UK; I designed the award-winning and best-selling products Spectrumzyme, Polyzymeforte and Milk Thistle Complex-Tea.

Articles published:

In: “Magazine of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths: Homeopathy In Practice.”

July 2003 – “Low thyroid function”

January 2004 – ” – the grand deceiver.”

May 2004 – “The pituitary gland: the master of all it surveys.”

Winter 2004 – “Monosodium glutamate: The naturally bad boy of food processing.”

Spring 2005 – “Pssst! Dare we talk about it? Prostate disease and dysfunction.”

Books published:

Originator of and co-author of: “The Adam and Eve Diet – a guide to biotyping.”

2002 – Hodder, Mobius Press

2015 – Science of Ageing Backwards: ReGeneration-x

2017 – Fat For Menopause


I have a keen interest in hill walking, bushcraft and like to get away from the pressures of city modern life by going off and exploring the British woodlands. I am also interested in Neolithic technology, bush medicine and the art of the hunter-gather diet and living process.

Good luck in your search for optimal health and wellness.