How People Heal

The natural process of change and healing is particular to every individual, and while there are some factors which cannot be altered, others can influence the rate of recovery considerably. No-one can alter such factors as:

  • duration of illness already suffered
  • severity
  • the genetic tendencies you were born with

But the desire and determination to change is the first step to getting better – it opens up the opportunity to make use of regenerative material, and, where applicable, to altering environmental factors within. Getting better does not happen overnight. A condition of any severity will have already taxed your body’s resources beyond what they are normally able to cope with.

The appropriate diet and use of a nutritional regime will allow the body to begin to put right any number of problems which the illness has caused, and it may be some time before your immune system regains its strength so as to be able to tackle the illness itself. The natural process of recovery is undertaken during sleep. A child getting over illness will sleep a lot during the day, as well as at night, so that healing can go on unhindered; for an adult, healing will be gradual and may be slow. You may find that because your body is working to regenerate and heal simultaneously day and night, you may feel tired and unwell, because the system is already overtaxed by your being ill.

While most clients do not experience a radical detoxification (elimination of toxins) about 10% do, the classic detoxification can cause headaches, spots, mucus, pains, aches, depression, mood swings and fatigue. The classic detoxification actually represents a very fast compression and elimination of all of the unresolved past illnesses i.e. a person who has had a history of chest infections may develop a painless productive cough or cold that lasts for about 2 days while the chest clears.

It is interesting to note that Constantine Hering, a follower of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the Homeopathic system, defined the process of change and cure in this way: “People heal from the head down, from the inside out, in reverse order of the appearance of the original symptoms, from the important to the unimportant.” Hering’s Law does give some indication, perhaps, of the complicated and tiring progression from illness to health. This is the process of change; some people get better very quickly, but even if you are not so lucky and have periodic setbacks ( often called a ‘healing crisis’ ) change heralds the return of health.

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