Below, you will find a list of links to Associations and Registers, as well as Practitioners to help you find the right treatment for you.     The Practitioner sites will link you to people I have worked with, or to whom I have referred clients.

Associations and Registers:

FHIT- Fellowship of Holistic Integrated Therapists

British Naturopathic Association

Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists

The National Autistic Society
Help  Organisations:

Bristol Cancer Help Centre

The Penny Brohn Cancer Care relies on fund raising and donations to be able to continue its vital work to support people affected by cancer. We were most impressed by everything we saw there, from the people we met to the information we received.

We’ll leave the final word to Prince Charles: “I do hope and pray that again in future years we shall be seeing more Centres like this one developing throughout this country, because just one like this is nearly not enough.”

Find a Practitioner:

As stated above, I only provide links to practitioners who I have worked with and use who utilise naturopathic principles in the treatments they offer.

Jane Archutowska. Psychotherapy, EFT, NLP

‘Psychotherapy literally means to nurse the soul, deriving its name from the ancient Greeks and their understanding of the nature of the human psyche’. ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. Socrates

Find a Body Worker:

Chiropractors Stephanie Wright D.C. (B.App.Sci. Chiropractic) 07963 974 627 West Kensington. Stephanie is a highly skilled chiropractor with a deep knowledge of many systems of natural medicine, acupuncture, herbs and exercise systems.

Commercial Organisations and Suppliers:

Phone:UK 0800 952 0400

Nutri-West products have been available and widely used by healthcare practitioners in the UK for over 30 years. During that time they have built an enviable reputation for being the highest quality products and for being some of the most innovative supplements available today.

New Vistas Healthcare Ltd, Ireland. Phone:. 00 353 61 334455

New Vistas provide complex homoeopathic and liquescence formulas. A friendly company who provide a wonderful service.



BioNutri offer a small but very exciting range of products.  They represent a new and radical departure in the world on nutritional health. I find myself increasingly using this range of products more and more.

Contact NATURAL DISPENSARY LTD, 26 Church Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 1JL

Customer Service Line: 01453 757792

Biocare Ltd

The range of choice for most nutritional practitioners in the UK. Manufactured to exacting clinical standards. Possible the best range of enzyme products in the world.

0121 433 3727


Arkworld are a small nutrition company with some of the most amazing products in the field of nutrition today.  I am particularly fond of ARK1 in my practice.