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London Natural Thyroid Clinic

5 January 2018 - 6 January 2018

Welcome to the Thyroid Natural Care Clinic.

TAT syndrome, Tired-All-The-Time

Fatigue is one of the most common problems addressed by Naturopaths. It can often be tracked down to a poor functioning thyroid. Your thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that sits astride the trachea, just below the larynx. It controls metabolic rate. Metabolism is the rate at which normal chemical processes occur in the body and the speed at which the body burns its fuel (food and oxygen). The thyroid is responsible for the proper working of every cell, every organ, and every process in the body, it is essential for health and well being. The way the body reacts and deals with illness and disease depends on a healthy and vigorous metabolism.

If you have been advised that you may have Jersey ‘Island Fever’ look closely at the thyroid symptom questionnaire, it may well be that the thyroid is playing a role in your condition.

Thyroid and Metabolic function.

These functions have an important impact on health, energy levels and sleep. The thyroid gland is the regulator of body metabolism. It is ‘paired’ with the adrenal glands; they in turn are governed by pituitary gland function.

Thyroid hormone is necessary for oxidative processes to take place throughout the body – energy production. Nearly all of the cells of the body have their metabolic rates controlled by the thyroid hormone. The only organs whose metabolic rates are not directly controlled by thyroxin are:

  • brain
  • retina
  • spleen
  • gonads
  • thymus
  • lungs

It’s easy to see that a change in thyroid function creates a wide variety of effects throughout the body. It is possible to override a low thyroid condition by increasing adrenal stimulation, exercise and stress etc – all this usually manages to achieve is a short term reduction in symptoms and often leads to the depletion of the adrenal system. Low functioning thyroid is commonly encountered, although it is frequently overlooked, primarily because most physicians are looking for blood pathology (low TSH) and not attending to how you actually feel and experience your world and every day existance.


5 January 2018
6 January 2018