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I do have the facility to offer Skype consultations and I am more than happy to respond to simple questions across the net. I have two clinics, one of which is based in Central London in New Cavendish Street, W1. The other is in St Lawrence, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Nearest underground  stations to Marylebone Clinic is Oxford street or Bond Street. You can contact me by telephone on: 0843 902 3180.
For Skype consultations please click on the Skype link at the bottom of the page.

Finding a Naturopath

If you need a naturopath in your area, look up the London College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Science website. It contains a list of post graduate naturopaths and naturopaths associated with the London College. This is a list of practitioners who practice in a similar manner and have a similar philosophy to me. They are not all naturopaths, but they are all used to working with or referring to naturopathic physicians.


Roderick Lane ND. London, New Cavendish Street, W1G 8GT Tel. 0843 902 3180, Jersey Clinic 01534 863428
Roberta Stimson DCN. Uxbridge, Middlesex. 01895237580

Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Alexander Teachers & Body Workers
Helen Cartier-Knox. Alexander Technique. Jersey, Channel Islands. 01534 863428

Dr Stephanie Wright DC Chiropractor. London 07963 974627

Dr Antoni Jacubowski DC. Chiropractor. Harley Street, London. 0207 637 2920

U.S.A Naturopaths
Dr Robert Cass ND. Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A Chiropractor
Dr Ken Fish DC Maryland, Baltimore

Contact Me

If you have an suggestions to improve this site, or would like to suggest topics which you would like me to address on the site, then please contact me.

London Clinic

0843 902 3180

Jersey Clinic

01534 863428

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